Westwood with Iford Primary School


At Westwood  with Iford School  we  are about creating a stimulating, learning environment where the children are happy to take  risks, and engage in their own learning. We  aim to nurture the whole child.  We foster an environment in which each child  feels able to express their ideas, and build long lasting relationships with others, and the world around them.

We ensure our pupils leave the school feeling confident and prepared for their next steps into adult life. Our children's results show we are consistently above national averages.

We achieve this in part by seeing Westwood as OUR school. We are a thriving local school, at the heart of a small village, and we use this to our advantage. Parents, and the local community are considered partners  in the  school experience, supporting the staff in providing exciting learning opportunities. Such initiatives as 'Parent Experts on Life' talks allow the children a window into the adult world. We aim to instill a sense of community, and show the  children how they can play  THEIR part in the wider world.

Westwood with Iford Primary School

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