Orchestra Day

Many thanks to Karen Randall, Curriculum Team Leader for Music at Ralph Allen School and Widcombe Junior School who hosted the wonderful Orchestra Day. Many Ralph Allen students played their instruments and worked with primary students from across the PAT schools. As you can imagine they were all amazing, both at performing and working together. Music is a great leveller, and it is so important to get children working alongside those from other year groups.

STEM Celebration Events – Mon 18 & Tues 19 March 2019

Children, staff and parents across the Palladian Academy Trust enjoyed two evenings of STEM celebrations at Ralph Allen School earlier this week; EYFS and KS1 on Monday & KS2 and KS3 on Tuesday. Representatives from each year group in every school attended and they did a super job at showcasing the fantastic learning from their year group. Well done and thank you to all the pupils and students who took part.


The celebration events followed a week of learning focused around the STEM subjects, Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths in every year group in each school around the theme of ‘journeys’. Learning ranged from finding out about reflective materials and when these might come in useful, to building bridges and making things fly. All the children engaged really well with the topic and produced some excellent work.


‘It was really exciting to welcome to Ralph Allen School young scientists from throughout the PAT, joining together to share knowledge and enthusiasms.  Thanks to the staff who made this possible, and especially to Claire McMurtry, Headteacher of Oldfield Park Infant School, for her leadership and coordination.


Many of our students will have futures in STEM and STEAM in the future, we know, and it’s possible that these two evenings will help them on their way towards this.’


Tim Withers, CEO

Tag Tails competition for Year 3 pupils

The third Palladian Academy Trust (PAT) sports festival took place this week with Year 3 pupils from across the Trust participating in a Tag Tails competition. Tag Tails is an invasion game which encourages team work, decision making and appreciation of space.


Pupils involved in the competition came from the following PAT schools:  St Martin’s Garden Primary, Oldfield Park Junior, St Philip’s and Widcombe Junior Schools.


Thank you to Beechen Cliff School for hosting the event.


Well done to our pupils – all outstanding!


Mark Gunning, PAT School Sports Coordinator

SSP Hockey tournament

Pupils from Oldfield Park Junior, Combe Down Primary, St Martin’s Garden Primary and Widcombe Junior Schools took part in the B&NES hockey tournament on 6 March.


Congratulations to Oldfield Park Junior School and Combe Down Primary for reaching the West of England finals.


Every single child was amazing and represented their schools and PAT brilliantly!


Staff from across the Trust came together on Monday 4 March for a productive and enjoyable INSET: ‘You are Awesome’.


As wellbeing is one of our core values as a Trust, we took the opportunity to engage in a range of wellbeing/team-building activities for the first hour of the day –  ranging from an ‘escape to Rainbow Woods’ session (enjoying the outdoors, with some poetry reading thrown in), to Mindfulness colouring, Decoupage, football and singing to name just a few of the offers…many of which were led by staff themselves.


The rest of the morning was spent listening and being inspired by our guest presenter, Rob Carpenter, representing the Matthew Syed organisation.


Matthew Syed is responsible for ‘You Are Awesome’, ‘Bounce’ and ‘Black Box Thinking’. Some parents have found ‘You Are Awesome’ to be, well, an awesome and inspiring read, and even better: so have their children.


Staff in our core network groups for English, SEN, Maths and Pupil Premium met in the afternoon to continue looking at areas of work to progress across the Trust, while other staff returned to their school bases for further training and development.



Time Capsule

On Friday 1 March, students from the Palladian Academy Trust (senior students from Ralph Allen School and a current Year 6 pupil at Combe Down Primary School)  buried a time capsule at the site of the new dining hall building project, with objects and information from each school in the  Trust.


Work began on the building project last year and is due for completion in June 2019. The architect is Fergus Feilden, former Ralph Allen Senior student – his fifth project in collaboration with the school.


The £2m project is funded by a capital bid.  It should seat 483 pupils and staff per sitting.  This could enable the school to revert to two sittings and a timetabled lunch, and thus broaden our lunchtime clubs offer. Students have had input into the design of the building and the furniture, working alongside Catering Manager Debbie Ovens and her deputy Mel Tavener.


Andy Greenhough, Headteacher at Ralph Allen School said,


‘How lovely to have a beautiful dining hall for all who attend Ralph Allen. Marking such a moment in time is always an auspicious occasion, and what better way than to share this moment with our PAT colleagues, students of Ralph Allen and our amazing catering team.


I wanted to hit it with a bottle of champagne, but we will settle for a time capsule.’


This symbolic act brings together colleagues and children from our growing educational trust and is a gesture of confidence in our present and our future, as well as a mini-celebration of the resources and spaces that are available to all students in the group.


Tim Withers, CEO commented,


‘It’s very exciting, now, that some children will spend their whole educational lives from 4-18 within the same group of schools, working closely together.  PAT is helping to bring some coherent, innovative and dynamic thinking to education in Bath, and making a big contribution.


I wonder when the capsule will be uncovered and seen again?’


In fact, the capsule will be uncovered in 20 years’ time to coincide with the 80th year of Ralph Allen School.


Tag Tails competition for Year 2 pupils

The second Palladian Academy Trust (PAT) sports festival recently with 120 Year 2 pupils from across the Trust participating in a Tag Tails competition. Tag Tails is an invasion game which encourages team work, decision making and appreciation of space.


Pupils involved in the competition came from the following PAT schools: Combe Down Primary, St Martin’s Garden Primary and Oldfield Park Infant School. We were also able to welcome pupils from Moorlands Federation who were keen to have some Tag Tails action too!


Mark Gunning, Sports Coordinator for the Palladian Academy Trust, who organised the event commented,


For many, this was their first experience of competitive sport against other schools, every single pupil played fairly and with a great deal of flair and talent.’


Tim Withers, CEO said,


‘The Palladian Academy Trust would like to thank Hayesfield Girls’ School for hosting the event. A big thank you also to Oldfield Park Junior School’s Year 6 Young Leaders.’  


All pupils left the festival really happy and keen to know when the next one would be – they’ve certainly caught the competitive bug!