Teaching School

The Palladian Academy Trust is a partner in the Great Western Teaching School Alliance, which has just been designated as a Teaching School.


This means that the group will receive extra funding from the government to provide continuing professional and leadership training and to take a leading role in recruiting and training new entrants to the teaching profession.


The bid was focused around Wellsway School, which has been designated as a National Support School, but also referenced Saltford Primary School and St John’s Primary School.  The Teaching School Alliance will work in partnership with Three Ways School and the Palladian Academy Trust and is named after the railway that connects Bath, Keynsham and Bristol.


Many thanks to all colleagues who supported and contributed to the bid. This is a very exciting next step in the Palladian Academy Trust’s development.  We are all looking forward to the many future opportunities for collaboration that our partnership will bring.



Two new PAT staff appointed

We have recently welcomed Paul Jacobs, Director of School Improvement, and Mark Gunning, Sports Coordinator.  Paul  has been busy getting to know our headteachers and he will be working with them to help the PAT schools on their journey of school improvement.  Mark will be working closely with all schools in the Trust.  He wants to inspire the Trust’s pupils with a passion for sport, and will be organising sports festivals and other exciting events.