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Palladian Academy Trust

The Palladian Academy Trust was formed in 2016. An Extended Leadership Team meets regularly.  This is comprised of the school leaders and central team leads, alongside Donna Tandy, Chief Executive Officer, Jo Marsh, Chief Operating Officer and Lisa Pollard, Director of Education.  The ELT works closely with the Non-executive as part of the accountability structure.

Each one of the headteachers brings a wealth of experience to the group and is passionate about the learning of the young people in their care.  Palladian Academy Trust is a community of more than three thousand, five hundred pupils and staff who work in our schools, and there is enormous potential as a community of schools to provide enriched learning opportunities for every member of the Trust.

Why the name ‘Palladian Academy Trust’?  The Palladian Bridge in Prior Park is a local landmark and since bridges connect people, the group felt this was a very appropriate emblem. 

About Multi Academy Trusts (MATs)

A MAT or School Trust is a group of schools governed by one trust and a single board of directors. The board is responsible for decisions relating to how each academy is run, from curriculum to staffing.

Each of the academies within a MAT has a local governance committee to which it delegates some of its functions, although the Trust Board retains overall accountability.

Current government policy is very clear that MAT status is something which is strongly supported, and has the potential to drive further improvement in the education system. This is because of the efficiency and effectiveness of collaboration, and in particular the new possibilities of schools choosing to work together in this way.

Working with the Diocese

Palladian Academy Trust has a very warm relationship with the Church of England Diocese of Bath and Wells and Salisbury. Our Articles of Association are those designed for use in a MAT containing both church and community schools and the Diocese retains a number of powers and checks to ensure that the culture of the MAT remains supportive to schools with a Christian character.

We have representatives from the church sitting as both members and trustees of Palladian, although we work with the Diocese to make sure that we recruit people who can contribute to the skills set required by the Board of Trustees.

  • 40% of Members and 33% of Trustees are nominated by the Diocese
  • Land is not leased or transferred for C of E schools, but continues on the existing model (apart from LA playing fields which are transferred on a 125 year lease)
  • The Scheme of Delegation to the LGC and the Academy Articles will safeguard the foundation and aims of the school – ‘Christian character’
  • Changes to the Scheme of Delegation for a C of E school have to be agreed with the Diocesan Director of Education
  • The Diocese offer is not just to Church schools – they have a concept of ‘extended family’.

Our commitment

Trust in the future.’

  • From all colleagues to all stakeholders: trust in us that we are doing our best to ensure our children and young people are equipped for the future.
  • To all colleagues: trust that we work in partnership with you.
  • From the Trust to the wider sector and education: we are a Trust with staying power who can be agile in the changing world we live in.

Our Academies

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Headteacher - Jane Gascoigne
Combe Down Church of England Primary SchoolThe Log cabin, Church Road, Combe Down, Bath, BA2 5JQ
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Combe Down Church of England Primary School
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