Commitment, Vision, Values, Charters & Palladian Pillars

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Palladian Academy Trust

Our Commitment

Trust in the future.’

  • From all colleagues to all stakeholders: trust in us that we are doing our best to ensure our children and young people are equipped for the future.
  • To all colleagues: trust that we work in partnership with you.
  • From the Trust to the wider sector and education: we are a Trust with staying power who can be agile in the changing world we live in.

Our vision

To provide excellent and equitable opportunities so everyone can flourish. 

Our values

We want to provide exceptional learning and achievement for all in the Trust through:

  • Respect: recognising the contribution we all make
  • Trust: holding trust in each other and our moral purpose. Trust that we are doing the right thing in the right way
  • Courage: being brave and taking risks
  • Curiosity: always asking questions

Our charters

Our values are key signposts that help us best support each other and our pupils. Our charters describe what is important in our Trust and the future we are all creating together. 

Our strategic objectives – the Palladian Pillars

Pillar 1

Identify and address vulnerabilities to enable schools to be the best at getting better

  • Every school has vulnerabilities and strengths, and this is where we can demonstrate the value of being in the Trust
  • Vulnerabilities might include leadership capacity, staff capacity, finance, estates, Ofsted window, teaching and learning, curriculum, Governance etc
  • Collective efficacy- we are only as ‘good’ as the support we give to each other and we have a responsibility to EVERYONE in our Trust

Pillar 2

Develop and support everybody’s expertise

  • We recognise that every class needs a great teacher, but we feel this goes beyond the classroom to include all colleagues and governors
  • Use research to develop innovative and trailblazing practice
  • Ensure all groups of staff feel invested in and valued
  • Strong CPLD offer
  • Develop a learning culture for all underpinned by a strong moral purpose
  • Detailed talent pooling of all staff and governors so we know where our capacity sits and can signpost to it
  • Develop great leaders at all levels with a clear leadership and career progression framework

Pillar 3

All learners to be their ‘best selves’

  • Identify and removing barriers to ensure CYP are able and ready to learn
  • Recognise that barriers and vulnerabilities are different for all schools and learners, but the solution can be found collectively
  • Challenging outcomes for all – is ‘expected’ good enough?
  • Vulnerable learners – having shared expectations and aspirations
  • Accountability that keeps CYP at the forefront of decision making

Pillar 4

A courageous curriculum delivered through quality pedagogy

  • Every school has a carefully designed, quality curriculum offer that is underpinned by shared principles but meets the needs of their context
  • A strong curriculum model that develops strong knowledge hooked onto progressive concepts
  • A culture of keep up not catch up so gaps don’t need to be addressed as they don’t develop
  • Ensure the curriculum at all stages prepares learners for the next stage of their education
  • Ensure KS4+ pathways are well planned and designed
  • Recognise and celebrate the primary/secondary differences and similarities
  • Curriculum design allows for diverse learning skills that develop the whole leaner
  • Curriculum design provides opportunities to develop the cultural, spiritual and social capital of learners
  • Digital technologies are an integral part of the curriculum

Pillar 5

Ensuring the best use of resources to deliver our social, civic and ethical responsibilities

  • The capacity of our Central Team and schools means we can deliver our vision and strategic priorities in line with our values
  • Develop good citizens through social and cultural capital (the Palladian Promise)
  • Ensure the physical, mental and spiritual health of all is considered
  • Strong and clearly communicated systems and processes so we can all hold each other to account in line with vision and values
  • All systems and process demonstrate value for money
  • Economy at scale where the value of shared contracts and systems is understood and bought into
  • Address the climate emergency through sustainability and understanding of our responsibilities to these at all levels
  • Support beyond our Trust, recognising the contribution we can have on a wider scale

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