Seeing it My Way

The exhibition of art by children and adults with autism held in Bath during Autism Awareness Week (1 – 7 April) was sparked by an idea from Seb Potts, aged 8, a pupil at the Margaret Coates Centre in Bath. Team Leader Michael Bogg worked with others to coordinate an exhibition that demonstrates that art is a powerful and creative means of expression.

Michael Bogg said, ‘It has been a wonderful event that has brought together a wide range of services and schools. Seeing the pride of the artists and their families in showing their work and also the confidence they have gained from this experience has been a real pleasure. I hope that this is the first annual event providing the opportunity to showcase some truly remarkable artists to the city of Bath and beyond.’

Some fabulous work was on display and was hugely enjoyed by Mr Withers, CEO, who visited on Friday.

Autism is a lifelong disability which affects how people communicate and interact with the world. There are over 700,000 children and adults in the UK with autism, with around three million family members and carers. Autism Awareness Week is a time to celebrate and support diversity, call out discrimination and commit to enabling those with autism in our communities to realise their full potential.