Tag Tails competition for Year 6 pupils

The inaugural Palladian Academy Trust (PAT) sports festival took place last week with 172 Year 6 pupils from across the Trust participating in a Tag Tails competition. Tag Tails is an invasion game which encourages team work, decision making and appreciation of space.


Pupils involved in the competition came from the following PAT schools: Combe Down Primary, St Martin’s Garden Primary, St. Philip’s C of E Primary, Oldfield Park Junior and Widcombe C of E Junior.


Mark Gunning, Sports Coordinator for the Palladian Academy Trust, who organised the event commented, ‘The pupils played with a competitive edge, complemented with a fair play ethos and a strength which was fantastic to see.’


Tim Withers, CEO said, ‘The learners really enjoyed being part of such a well-organised, active and fun event.  Well done to all involved – the children, their supporting staff, and particularly to the indefatigable Mark Gunning for organising it!


 Our ‘Palladian Promise‘ made to students in the Trust is really a framework for their personal and character development, and I reflected that the competition facilitated a number of areas: being a positive role model, offering leadership, helping the learning of others, showing resilience. Above all, however, adopting a healthy and active lifestyle.’  


The Promise embodies what we most value, which is a broad view of education for children and not one with a narrow focus.  In short, we care about not just the current learning experiences they have, but the future learners they will continue to be.’


The Palladian Academy Trust would like to thank Beechen Cliff School for hosting the event and for the involvement of their outstanding young leaders who managed the games with great efficiency.


All pupils left with a smile after the competition – they will be back later in the academic year when they will have further opportunities to try new and different sports.